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Russia & Eurasia Collections at the Hoover Institution Library & Archives

Introduction to the Collection

Materials begin with mid-19th century Russian legations in the German states. Others cover major events in the Eurasian heartland: the Russo-Japanese War, First World War, revolution of 1917 and the Russian Civil War, anti-Communist emigration, development of the USSR, Second World War, emergence of the dissident movement, and the collapse of the Soviet Union and development of newly independent states since 1991.

Featured Collections

Clemens, Walter C. Soviet Disarmament Policy, 1917-1963: An Annotated Bibliography of Soviet and Western Sources. Stanford, Calif.: Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace, 1965.

Hoover Institution Library. Inventory of the Hoover Institution Library Pamphlet Collection, ca. 1995.

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Lyons, M. The Russian Imperial Army: A Bibliography of Regimental Histories and Related Works. Stanford, Calif.: Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace, 1968.

Maichel, Karol. Soviet and Russian Newspapers at the Hoover Institution: A Catalog. [Stanford, Calif.]: Hoover Institution of War, Revolution and Peace, 1966.

Soroka, Lora. Fond 89: Communist Party of the Soviet Union On Trial : Archives of the Communist Party and Soviet State : Guide to the Microfilm Collection In the Hoover Institution Archives. Stanford, Calif.: Hoover Institution Press, 2001.