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Newspaper Collections of the Hoover Institution Library & Archives

The Belarus newspaper collection (1921-2001) comprises ten different titles of publication, in both Estonian and Russian. All titles within this collection are individually cataloged and have catalog records searchable in SearchWorks and WorldCat.

  1. Batsʹkaŭshchyna = La patrie = Das Vaterland = The Fatherland
  2. Belaruskai͡a trybuna = Byelorussian tribune
  3. Belaruski zvon: tydni͡ovy chasopis
  4. Belorusskai͡a trībuna
  5. Holas radzimy
  6. Narodnai͡a hazeta
  7. Nasha svaboda
  8. Naviny
  9. Niva
  10. Ranitsa : Belaruskai͡a tydni͡ovai͡a hazėta ŭ Ni͡amechchyne