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North America Collections at the Hoover Institution Library & Archives

Introduction to the Collection

The US collections provide rich coverage of domestic political, social, and intellectual movements in the modern era, as well as US foreign policy and engagement abroad, especially of the two world wars and American/Soviet relations during the Cold War. Other collecting strengths are émigré communities—particularly Eastern European groups—within the United States and international education. 

Featured Collections

HERBERT HOOVER PAPERS - President of the United States, 1939–33

NEW LEFT COLLECTION - Miscellaneous printed matter, 1963––2004

WARREN CHRISTOPHER PAPERS - US deputy attorney general, 1967–69; US secretary of state, 1993–97

WILLIAM H. REHNQUIST PAPERS - Chief justice, US Supreme Court, 1986–2005

MILTON FRIEDMAN PAPERS - US economist; member of President’s Economic Policy Advisory Board, 1981–88

EDWARD TELLER PAPERS - Assistant director, Los Alamos, 1949–52; director, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, 1954–75


JOSEPH WARREN STILWELL PAPERS - US army general in China-Burma-India theater

DIANE RAVITCH PAPERS - US educator and author

ERIC HOFFER PAPERS - US longshoreman and author

BERTRAM DAVID WOLFE PAPERS - US author and representative to the Communist International, 1928–29

PAUL ROBERT HANNA PAPERS - US educator; director, Stanford International Development Education Center, 1963–68

LIBERTARIAN PARTY OF CALIFORNIA RECORDS - Election campaign materials, 1976–83

FIRING LINE BROADCASTS - Television program hosted by William F. Buckley, 1966–99

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