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History 83A/183A: Enlightenment and Genocide (Winter 2022)

By: Simon Ertz

Additional Sources

Bisbee (Eleanor) papers: The collection relates to the history of the government of Turkey in the twentieth century, U.S.-Turkish relations, and Eleanor Bisbee's book The New Turks: Pioneers of the Republic, 1920-1950 (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1951). It consists of correspondence, drafts of writings, speeches, memoranda, notes, pamphlets, press summaries, clippings, maps, and photographs and includes original writings by Eleanor Bisbee as well as translations of writings by Resat Güntekin, Abdülhak Şinasi Hisar, Yakup Karaosmanoğlu, Ahmet Emin Yalman, the Milli Partisi, and an interview with Kemal Atatürk, 1922.

  • Box 18 - Turkish shadow puppets (Karagoz)

Inventory of the Hidayet Dağdeviren collection: The collection includes correspondence, memoranda, reports, proclamations, speeches, clippings, newspaper issues, maps, posters, and photographs, relating to political and social conditions in Turkey during the Ottoman Empire and the early years of the Turkish Republic, Turkish military activities during World War I, Turkish foreign relations, and ethnic minorities in Turkey.

  • Box 1: reforms regarding Kurdish minorities in Ottoman provinces, draft, circa 1887

  • Box 25: post cards depicting Ottoman costume

  • Box 25 folio 4A: notebook containing the names of political offenders under Sultan Abdulhamid II

  • Box 26 folio 3B: illustrated prison diary

  • Box 27: Population maps

  • Box 34: oversize posters and maps from map case 

Treaty of peace with Turkey. Signed at Sèvres (with maps), August 10, 1920

Le journal d'Orient (Istanbul): We have 1918-1923 – Note: many issues missing

Le Bosphore (Istanbul) from 1921-1922

Hande (1916)

The Ottoman Land Code (1892) (also available online)

Pike (M. J. W.) memoirs: Relates to the Gallipoli campaign of 1915 in World War I. Includes maps and drawings from the campaign. 



Poster RU/SU 97: Kaiser Wilhelm has the Sultan of Turkey hanging upside down by the foot; Turk's head is severed from body and dripping blood.

Poster RU/SU 201: Caricature depicts famous animal trainer Durov as ringmaster with bull representing Cossacks attacking Kaiser Wilhelm, Franz Joseph and the Sultan of Turkey.

Poster UK 1374: Drawing of woman and child after the massacre of the Armenian population.

Poster UK 1484: Drawing of Armenian woman and child.

Poster US 3428: Primarily text, with a photograph of President Wilson.

Poster US 3429: American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Relief

Poster US 3655: Poem, with a small drawing of a mother and a baby.

Poster US 4187: Drawing of a young girl being carried off by a bandit with a bloody sword.

Poster US 5801: Drawing of a woman with her child. Double-sided.