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History 83A/183A: Enlightenment and Genocide (Winter 2022)



In this guide, you'll find information on how to access our collections related to the course's topic. 

Sources for the Class Visit


Inventory of the Hidayet Dağdeviren collection: The collection includes correspondence, memoranda, reports, proclamations, speeches, clippings, newspaper issues, maps, posters, and photographs, relating to political and social conditions in Turkey during the Ottoman Empire and the early years of the Turkish Republic, Turkish military activities during World War I, Turkish foreign relations, and ethnic minorities in Turkey.

  • Box/Folder 3 : 3-6 - D19. Greco-Turkish War of 1897, clippings, maps and posters circa 1897

  • Box/Folder 3 : 9-12 - D24. Jewish authors, clippings 1909-1913

  • Box/Folder 6 : 3-8 - D39. Occupation of Istanbul during truce, clippings, newspapers, pamphlets, and maps 1919-1923

  • Box/Folder 6 : 9-13 - D41. Occupation of Izmir and Bursa during truce, newspapers, clippings, pamphlets, and notes 1921-1922, 1938

  • Box/Folder 18 : 1-4 - D140. D142. Armenian question, clippings, pamphlets, letters, and reports 1797-1925

  • Box 26 - AII.3b 1914-1919 - Türk varliği, nos. 24, 25, and 27, lithographed prisoners of war journal, Cairo 1336 (1919)

  • Box 26 - AII.4 1919-1920 - Sultan Vahdettin speech, Yirminci Asir August 1919

  • Box 26 - B.I.1 1914-1923 - Death sentence against Atatürk by the Istanbul government, Ikdam, article 13 May 1920

  • Box 27 - C.I.2-7 1797-1914 

Petition presented by the Delegation of the gouvernment [!] of the white Ruthenian Democratic Republic [to] the Peace Conference, Paris, May, 1919


RU/SU 2283 - ... Desiat' zapovedei proletaria. Tovarishch-rabochii! Ne dai Kolchaku, Denikinu, Mannergeimu zadushit' tvoei vlasti ... Pushche glaza beregi vintovku...Bud' kazhduiu minutu na cheku...

RU/SU 531- Bezgramotnye ... Gramotnye...

RU/SU 1317 - Negramotnyi tot zhe slepoi vsiudu ego zhdut neudachi i neschast'ia.

GE 1695 - ... Wer rettet uns vor Hitler und seinen Parteibuchbeamten? Nur Hindenburg!

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