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COMM 128/228/328 HIST 365/465: Back to the Future (Winter 2022)

By: Jean McElwee Cannon & Simon Ertz


Welcome! Students in COMM 128/228/328 and HIST 365/465 are welcome to explore our collections featured in the class visit!

For Stanford students in this class: please see the tab on the left "Accessing Collections" on Aeon registration and requesting items.

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Select Collections and Materials

Archival Collections (in no particular order):

Citizens for Reagan records (109 manuscript boxes, 15 cubic foot boxes, 9 oversize boxes, 12 sound records, 8 sound tape reels, 10 video reels): Contain correspondence, position papers, press releases, memoranda, public opinion polling data, financial records, sound recordings, and video tapes relating to the campaign of Ronald Reagan for the Republican Party presidential nomination in 1976. Include a few post-1976 records of Citizens for the Republic, the successor organization to Citizens for Reagan.

Edwin Meese papers (772 manuscript boxes, 2 oversize boxes, 1 envelope, 5 sound cassettes, 2 motion picture film reels): Contain speeches, correspondence, memoranda, reports, schedules, press releases, legal documents, printed matter, photographs, and sound recordings related to California politics and administration of the California state government during the governorship of Ronald Reagan

George P. Shultz papers (1753 manuscript boxes, 352 oversize boxes, 20 cubic foot boxes, 57 card file boxes, memorabilia): Contain correspondence, speeches and writings, memoranda, reports, studies, printed matter, photographs, phonotapes, videotapes, and memorabilia, relating to American domestic policy and foreign relations, especially during the presidential administrations of Richard M. Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Video copies of selected items also available.

1981 Presidential Inaugural Committee records (3 manuscript boxes, 1 cubic foot box, 3 oversize boxes, 1 card file box, 2 oversize folders): Contain reports, memoranda, press releases, programs, guides, and memorabilia, relating to the inauguration of Ronald Reagan as president of the United States in 1981.

Joan Quigley papers (12 manuscript boxes, 2 oversize boxes): Contain correspondence, writings, astrological charts, printed matter, and videocassettes relating to astrology. Include astrological charts of Ronald and Nancy Reagan and other celebrities.

William Casey papers (624 manuscript boxes, 2 card file boxes, 9 oversize boxes, 1 cubic foot box, 2 motion picture films): Contain correspondence, speeches and writings, diaries, memoranda, reports, hearing transcripts, legal and financial papers, printed matter, photographs, and memorabilia relating to American domestic and foreign policy, especially during the presidential administrations of Richard M. Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

William Patrick Clark papers (197 manuscript boxes, 1 oversize box, 6 sound cassettes, 1 sound disc, 17 computer cards): Contain correspondence, speeches and writings, memoranda, reports, studies, notes, legal and financial records, printed matter, and photographs relating to the gubernatorial administration of Ronald Reagan in California, and to foreign policy and public lands management during the presidential administration of Ronald Reagan.

Richard Wirthlin papers (248 cubic foot boxes, 2 oversize boxes): Contain polling data, reports, studies, correspondence, speeches, memoranda, and printed matter, relating to American public opinion on domestic political and foreign policy issues. Include polls conducted on behalf of Ronald Reagan in conjunction with his campaigns for governor of California and president of the United States, as well as polling during his presidency.

Herbert Romerstein collection (1236 manuscript boxes, 41 oversize boxes, 17 card file boxes): Contains pamphlets, leaflets, serial issues, studies, reports, and synopses of intelligence documents relating to the Communist International, communism and communist front organizations in the United States, Soviet espionage and covert operations, and propaganda and psychological warfare, especially during World War II and the Cold War period.

Young Americans for Freedom records (79 manuscript boxes, 2 card file boxes, 6 cassette boxes, 1 oversize box): Contain correspondence, memoranda, minutes, convention and meeting materials, newsletters, bulletins, leaflets, flyers, legal and financial records, membership records and mailings, printed matter, and audiovisual material relating to political conservatism in the United States and on American college campuses.

Christine White collection (1 folder): Contains reports by the Anti-defamation League of B'nai B'rith, the International Center for Development Policy, and the staff of Senator John Kerry relating to antisemitic, neo-Nazi, and other far right-wing organizations in the United States, their involvement in terrorist incidents, support extended by private right-wing groups in the United States to the contra guerrilla movement in Nicaragua, and alleged involvement of the contras in criminal activities. 

Jo Ann Gasper papers (8 manuscript boxes): Document the political activities of Jo Ann Gasper from 1977 to 1993. The collection is focused on her time as the editor and publisher of "The Right Woman" newsletter, as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Population Affairs for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and as the Policy Advisor to the Under Secretary for the U.S. Department of Education. Materials in the collection are comprised of biographical files, correspondence, printed matter, research, speeches, and writings.

Committee for the Free World records (89 manuscript boxes, 4 oversize boxes, 5 card file boxes): Contain correspondence, conference proceedings, bulletins, press releases, financial records, booklets, sound recordings, and videotapes, relating to American foreign and domestic policy, the moral and intellectual climate in the Western world, relations between the United States and Europe and the Soviet Union, and international communism and anti-communist movements.

John H. Bunzel papers (46 manuscript boxes, 1 card file box, 1 oversize box): Contain speeches and writings, correspondence, minutes, grant proposals, memoranda, reports, studies, hearing transcripts, printed matter, and photographs related to political science, administration of San Jose State University, student radicalism at San Francisco State University, activities of the Institute for Educational Affairs in funding academic research projects, and activities of the Civil Rights Commission in monitoring the status of civil rights in the United States, such as investigating allegations of race or sex discrimination in voting, employment, or housing and considering affirmative action and comparable worth concepts.

Roy A Childs papers (46 manuscript boxes, 2 sound cassettes): Contain correspondence, speeches and writings, reports, studies, memoranda, bulletins, serial issues, pamphlets, clippings, and sound recordings relating to libertarian thought and activities in the United States, laissez-faire economics, and proposals for decriminalization of drug use.

Milton Friedman papers (227 manuscript boxes, 5 oversize boxes, 4 card file boxes, 1 slide box, 1 envelope, 1 oversize folder): Contain speeches and writings, correspondence, notes, statistics, printed matter, sound recordings, videotapes, and photographs relating to economic theory, economic conditions in the United States, and governmental economic policy. Digitized copies of many of the sound and video recordings in this collection, as well as some of Friedman's writings, are available at

Atlas Network records (317 manuscript boxes, 1 oversize box): Contain correspondence, writings, memoranda, conference papers and other conference materials, fundraising and grant award records, other financial records, and printed matter relating to international promotion of free market economic policies.

Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace. Domestic Studies Program working papers (20 manuscript boxes): Relate to economics and political science. Selected working papers available in digital format on the Hoover Institution website: domestic-studies-program/working-papers.


Multimedia Sources:

Firing Line (Television Program) broadcast records (190 manuscript boxes, 218 oversize boxes, 3 card file boxes, 1 motion picture film, 352 linear feet of videotapes): Include videotapes from the Firing Line television show, as well as sound recordings, administrative and speaker files, program research files, photographs, transcripts, and other materials from the show. The types of program research materials available for each program are listed in the Episode Guide. The Episode Guide also includes a summary and guest list for each episode, as well as a link to the episode details page on Hoover's digital collections website. Digital copies of select records are available at and on Firing Line with William F. Buckley, Jr. on YouTube

Free to Choose video tape collection (10 manuscript boxes, 10 motion picture film reels, 42 video reels): Contains motion picture film, video tapes, and film strips of the television series Free to Choose, featuring Milton Friedman and relating to laissez-faire economics, produced in 1980 by Penn Communications and television station WQLN in Erie, Pennsylvania. Includes commercial and master film copies, unedited film, viewer responses and correspondence, memoranda, and legal agreements dated from 1977 to 1987. Digitized copies of many of the sound and video recordings in this collection are also available at


Hoover Library Materials: Select Serials and Periodicals

American Opinion, merged with The Review of the News in 1985 (Conservative "monthly commentary on national and international affairs")

Christian Beacon (anti-Communist/Fundamentalist Christian newspaper, Collingswood, NJ)

Changes. Socialist Monthly (published by International Socialists / Labor Education Association in Detroit, Mich.)

Reason (periodical published by the libertarian Reason Foundation, CA)

Alternatives (published by the Oberlin Political Caucus, Oberlin, OH)

Alternative Media (leftist periodical)

Eagle. For the American Fighting Man (no SearchWorks catalog record, contact us or ask reference and circulation staff if interested!)

The Connection (Libertarian periodical, published in Fairfax, VA)

Backgrounder (periodical published by the Heritage Foundation)

Three examples of American Enterprise Institute Foreign Policy Papers:

Foreign Policy Priorities for the President: Toward a Future Agenda (1980)

The Crisis in Central America (1982)

The Alternative Futures of Latin America (1985)

Hoover Library Materials: Two Monographs

William Bowen, Jr. Globalism: America's Demise (Shreveport, LA, 1984)

Gary North. Conspiracy: A Biblical View (Westchester, Ill., 1986)