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COMM 128/228/328 HIST 365/465: Back to the Future (Winter 2022)

Back to the Future: Media, Art and Politics in the 1980s


Welcome! Students in COMM 128/228/328 and HIST 365/465 are welcome to explore our collections featured in the class visit!

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Archival Sources:

Citizens for Reagan records - Correspondence, position papers, press releases, memoranda, public opinion polling data, financial records, sound recordings, and video tapes relating to the campaign of Ronald Reagan for the Republican Party presidential nomination in 1976. Includes a few post-1976 records of Citizens for the Republic, the successor organization to Citizens for Reagan.

Edwin Meese papers -  Speeches, correspondence, memoranda, reports, schedules, press releases, legal documents, printed matter, photographs, and sound recordings related to California politics and administration of the California state government during the governorship of Ronald Reagan

George P. Shultz papers - Correspondence, speeches and writings, memoranda, reports, studies, printed matter, photographs, phonotapes, videotapes, and memorabilia, relating to American domestic policy and foreign relations, especially during the presidential administrations of Richard M. Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Video copies of selected items also available.

1981 Presidential Inaugural Committee records - Reports, memoranda, press releases, programs, guides, and memorabilia, relating to the inauguration of Ronald Reagan as president of the United States in 1981.

Joan Quigley papers: Correspondence, writings, astrological charts, printed matter, and videocassettes relating to astrology. Includes astrological charts of Ronald and Nancy Reagan and other celebrities.

William Casey papers - Correspondence, speeches and writings, diaries, memoranda, reports, hearing transcripts, legal and financial papers, printed matter, photographs, and memorabilia relating to American domestic and foreign policy, especially during the presidential administrations of Richard M. Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

William Patrick Clarke papers - Correspondence, speeches and writings, memoranda, reports, studies, notes, legal and financial records, printed matter, and photographs relating to the gubernatorial administration of Ronald Reagan in California, and to foreign policy and public lands management during the presidential administration of Ronald Reagan.


Multimedia Sources:

Firing Line (Television Program) broadcast records - The Firing Line broadcast records include videotapes from the Firing Line television show, as well as sound recordings, administrative and speaker files, program research files, photographs, transcripts, and other materials from the show. The types of program research materials available for each program are listed in the Episode Guide.

The Episode Guide also includes a summary and guest list for each episode, as well as a link to the episode details page on Hoover's digital collections website. When applicable, links for purchasing full-length episodes and the availability of special order DVDs are also included. Digital copies of select records also available at and on Firing Line with William F. Buckley, Jr. on YouTube

Civil Discourse: The Women's Movement on Firing Line - Discover key episodes from Firing Line about the twentieth century American women's movement.