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HIST 210G/INTNLREL 182: The Great War (FALL 2022)

By: Simon Ertz


Below is a list of the documents that were on display. The library items are listed largely in the order in which they were shown/placed on the tables, which was more or chronological and separated by country.

  • The entries of library items link to the SearchWorks records where you can find additional bibliographic data (place of publication, publisher, etc) and where you can request these materials for use in our Reading Room.
  • The entries to the archival collections link to the records on OAC, where you can find detailed finding aids. These finding aids allow you to get an impression what you can find in the many other boxes, envelopes, and containers in these collections.

Materials From Our Library Collection

Deutschland in Waffen [Germany in Arms] - Germany 1913;  album depicting German Imperial Army prior to WWI, preface by Crown Prince William.

Bunte Kriegsbilderbogen – Humoristic War Cartoons – Germany 1914; simple, crude comic strips in the style of century-old popular illustrated prints DIGITIZED VERSION AVAILABLE HERE (State Library Berlin).

Die grosse Zeit [The Great Era]; illustrierte Kriegsgeschichte. Bd. 1. – Germany 1914-;  Vol. 1 of illustrated war history, started in 1914.

Kriegsbilder [War Images] – Germany, 1914-; another illustrated war history, appeared as serial publication.

Der Weltkrieg: für die Jugend erzählt [The World War: Narrated for the Youth] – Germany 1914; war stories and images for the German youth.

Krieg und Kunst: Original-Steinzeichnungen der Berliner Sezession [War and Art: Original Lithographs by the Berlin Secession] - Germany 1915; portfolio of war-related artwork by association of Berlin contemporary artists.

Der Krieg 1914-1916: in 12 farbigen Kunstblättern nebst vielen Textbildern [The War 1914–1916: in 12 colored art prints and many illustrations] - Germany 1916; album of artworks by German painter Hans Baluschek.

Souvenir de la revanche, 1870-1914 [Memory of the Revenge, 1870–1914] – France 1915; album relating acts of German atrocities and war crimes from previous war of 1870/1 to battle scenes and episodes from the current war.

Herni Zislin, L’armée allemande [The German Army] - France 1914; typology of German army from private to general, admiral, and emperor by caricaturist Herni Zislin.

Wie unsre Gegner den Krieg sehen: Bilder vom Kriege aufgenommen von unseren Gegnern [How Our Opponents See the War: War Pictures Taken by Our Opponents] - Germany 1916; reproductions of Entente war propaganda explained and critiqued by German authors.

La Grande Guerre par les Artistes [The Great War [depicted] by the Artists] - France 1915; Collection of artwork/caricatures by different French graphic artists.

Raemaekers Cartoons: With Accompanying Notes by Well-Known English Writers [US 1917, first edition UK 1916]; edition of caricatures by famous anti-German Dutch cartoonist Louis Raemaekers, Dutch cartoonist. Link to copy at Green Library. The Hoover Archives also have the voluminous Louis Raemaekers Papers which contain many more cartoons, artworks, and document by Raemaekers.

Quelques croquis de guerre; dessins, croquis, et aquarelles 1915-1916 [Some War Sketches; Drawings, Sketches, and Aquarelles 1915–1916] [NOT SHOWN DUE TO LACK OF TIME AND SPACE] France 1916/1918; Sketches by French artist SEM (Georges Goursat, 1863–1934): war scenes, drawings of individual French soldiers.

British Artists at the Front – C.R.W Nevinson - Great Britain 1918; war-related images by a British artist.

Die Hohenzollerndämmerung: eine Welt-Tragödie [Twilight of the Hohenzollern: a Global Tragedy] Great Britain 1917; DIGITIZED BI-LINGUAL (ENGLISH & GERMAN) VERSION AVAILABLE HERE

Kartiny Voiny [Images of the War] – Russia 1916/7; Album with photographs showing scenes from the front and the rear of the Russian Army.

Les champs de bataille de la Marne [The battlefields of the Marne] France 1915; colored photographs from the battlefields of the battle of the Marne. Note that the SearchWorks entry shows a wrong cover image.

Les Premières heures du blessé de guerre : du trou d'obus au poste de secours [The first hours of the wounded in war] - France 1918; manual on battle field medicine, with illustrations. SearchWorks record links to copy at Lane Medical Library (our copy is not cataloged) and an ONLINE VERSION (Google Books).

Avec les poilus: Maman la Soupe et son chat Ratu [Together With the Poilus - Mother la Soupe and Her Cat Ratu] France 1918. Illustrated story of a cat that shares frontline experiences with French infantry soldiers.

Vater ist im Kriege: ein Bilderbuch für Kinder [Father is in the War: A Picture Book for Children] - Germany 1915; a picture book celebrating the war experience with images and verses. SearchWorks record includes link to DIGITIZED VERSION (Hathi Trust).

Kriegspredigten aus dem Grossen Krieg 1914 und 1915 von verschiedenen Verfassern [War sermons from the Great War 1914 and 1915 by various authors] - Germany 1915.

With our fighting men, the story of their faith, courage, endurance in the great war - Great Britain 1915; Stories of the role of Christian churches (of various denominations) in the British war efforts. SearchWorks record includes link to DIGITIZED VERSION (Hathi Trust).

In der Heimat, in der Heimat ... Kriegsbilderalbum [At Home, at Home... Album of War Images] - Germany 1916; folio album with images depicting scenes on the home front, esp. of soldiers on furlough.

Food supply during World War I pamphlet collection - various countries 1914-1918; 34 different pamphlets. These pamphlets have been microfilmed--normally, we serve the microfilm version. The individual pamphlets can also be discovered using the finding aid for all microfilmed pamphlets.

Medical aspects of World War I pamphlet collection - various countries 1914-1920; 29 different pamphlets. These pamphlets have been microfilmed--normally, we serve the microfilm version. The individual pamphlets can also be discovered using the finding aid for all microfilmed pamphlets.

Materials From Our Archival Collections

World War I Subject Collection (32 manuscript boxes, 16 oversize boxes, 20 oversize folders, 1 microfilm reel (36.1 Linear Feet)):

Box 40: Contains scores and leaflets with US-American and French war-related sheet music.

World War I pictorial collection (125 envelopes, 14 album boxes, 20 manuscript boxes, 17 card file boxes, 13 oversize boxes, 1 oversize folder, 1 painting (45.1 Linear Feet):

Box 30: Contains political postcards from various countries. (As one of you has noticed, a few postcards in this box are actually from World War 2--we plan to remove them from this collection and add them to our WW2 Pictorial Collection.)

British Ministry of Information Library collection (57 manuscript boxes, 2 card file boxes (22.8 Linear Feet):

Box 23: Contains a variety of British propaganda publications in various languages (the materials in these boxes are arranged alphabetically.


Our Poster Collection includes more than 120,000 posters, most of them with political content. More than 33,000 of these posters have been digitized. Roughly 11,000 digitized posters date from 1914-1918. As you can image, almost all of them relate to World War I.

To browse low-resolution images of our digitized posters, click here. You might also want to check out this guide on how to search our posters. Like SearchWorks and OAC, the digital collection website allows you limit the shown posters by date, language, country of origin, etc., to narrow down your search. High-resolution images of ALL digitized posters can be seen at the workstations in our Reading Room! On display were the following posters:

Poster RU/SU 45: Lubok[traditional popular Russian woodcut]-style poster includes two pictures. One: British Navy sinking two German ships during Battle of Helgoland; the other: Turks repairing (sowing up) damaged ships. (1914-1917?)

Poster RU/SU 1217A: American Ambulance in Russia (1917?)

Poster RU/SU 1145 [not shown in class due to size]: cut-out mannequins of German emperor (riding on Turkish sultan) and Russian Cossack (holding diminutive German emperor) (1914-1917?)

Poster RU/SU 423A: Cossack attack on German cavalry (Hussars) (1914)

Poster RU/SU 76: Russian soldier whipping the German emperor with his belt (on the floor: emperor Francis Joseph of Austria) (1914)

Poster RU/SU 1228 [not shown in class due to size]: Russian war loans ("Our towns and villages await liberation") (1916)

Poster FR 700 [not shown in class due to size]: Advertisement for charity concert in Paris concert hall (to the benefit of orphans and families of those fallen at Verdun) (1916)

Poster FR 567 [not shown in class due to size]: Fight the German eagle as well as tuberculosis (1917?)

Poster US 2109: British-Canadian Recruitment Mission (1917)

Poster AU 61: Austrian clothes collection (1917)

Poster UK 599: 5 Reasons why Irishmen should join the [British] army (1917)

Poster UK 1338: Guild of Play - raid-shock children (1917)