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History 23N: The Soviet Union and the World (Winter 2023)

By: Bertrand Patenaude & Simon Ertz

Getting Started...

Dear Students of History 23N:

Below, you can find a list of all items that were on display during your class visit to the Hoover Tower on January 25, as well as a few additional archival collections.

Remember that you saw only a tiny selection of materials from relevant collections at the Hoover Library and the Hoover Archives. You can use this guide...

  • request any of the items you saw for use in the Reading Room;
  • an inspiration to search for other, similar sources in our collections (as well as at Stanford University Libraries!);
  • follow links to related guides and resources that can help you start exploring our collections;
  • refresh your knowledge of how to use OAC and SearchWorks, and how to visit our Reading Room;
  • get in touch with us if with questions about doing research and accessing sources!

Materials from Archival Collections

Malayan Communist Party Propaganda -- 1 manuscript box -- This collection contains propaganda leaflets and bulletins and translations of propaganda leaflets and bulletins, issued by the Malayan Communist Party, relating to the communist-led independence movement in Singapore.

Herbert Romerstein Collection -- 1236 manuscript boxes, 41 oversize boxes, 17 card file boxes, on display were boxes 102, 828 & 829 -- This collection contains pamphlets, leaflets, serial issues, studies, reports, and synopses of intelligence documents relating to the Communist International, communism and communist front organizations in the United States, Soviet espionage and covert operations, and propaganda and psychological warfare, especially during World War II.

Rote Fahne Newspaper Articles --  1 folder -- Contains translations of issues of Die Rote Fahne [The Red Flag], a German Communist newspaper, about the Hungarian Soviet Republic from 1919. Original German issue of Die Rote Fahne from 1919 partially available online.

Socialist Workers Party records -- 135 manuscript boxes, on display were boxes 37 & 38 -- This collection contains correspondence, minutes, resolutions, theses, and internal bulletins relating to Trotskyist and other socialist activities in Latin America, Western Europe, Iran, and elsewhere, and to interactions of the Socialist Workers Party with the Fourth International; and trial transcripts, briefs, other legal documents, and background materials relating to the lawsuit brought by Alan Gelfand against the Socialist Workers Party in 1979.

Stanford Communist Newspaper Issues --  1 folder -- Contains two genuine issues, January-February 1949; and one false issue, actually issued by anti-communists, February 1949.

Truth about Cuba Committee Issuances --  1 folder -- Contains leaflets and brochures about living conditions in Cuba and anti-communist activities, published by anti-Communist organization in Miami, Florida.

Young Communist League of the United States Issuances --  2 manuscript boxes, on display were boxes 1 & 2 -- This collection contains theses, resolutions, bulletins, pamphlets, leaflets, and printed matter, relating to the American and international communist youth movement. Includes some issuances of the Young Communist International, the Communist Party of the United States, and anti-communist groups.


Some Other Archival Collections NOT Shown at Class Visit:

William S. Graves Papers - Correspondence, reports, monographs, and photographs, relating to the Allied intervention in Siberia, 1918-1919. A table of contents listing each document begins each folder.

Benjamin B. Davis Papers - Correspondence, writings, diary, reports, pamphlets, postcards, and photographs, relating to American Red Cross activities in Siberia, primarily in Vladivostok.

John Barron Papers - Correspondence, reports, notes, speeches and writings, and photographs, relating to Morris Childs, Federal Bureau of Investigation informant within the Communist Party of the United States; Federal Bureau of Investigation surveillance of the Communist Party; and the relationship between the Communist Party of the United States and the Soviet communist party and government. Includes some papers of Morris Childs. Used as research material for the book by John Barron, Operation Solo: The FBI's Man in the Kremlin (Washington, D.C., 1996).

Sir Robert Hamilton Bruce Lockhart Papers - Correspondence, speeches and writings, diaries, notes, memoranda, photographs, and memorabilia, relating to miscellaneous aspects of Anglo-Soviet relations during the Russian Revolution, British espionage in the Soviet Union during the Russian Revolution, miscellaneous aspects of British government activities during World War II (including Anglo-Czechoslovak relations), and personal affairs. Includes many letters by Baroness Moura Budberg, some letters by British espionage agent Sidney Reilly, and some material about him collected by Lockhart's son, Robin Bruce Lockhart.

Miron Dolot Papers - Correspondence, writings, notes, instructional materials, and printed matter relating to Ukrainian history and literature, the Ukrainian famine of 1932-1933, and the Ukrainian émigré community.

John Peters Grothe Collection - Soviet propaganda posters and other printed matter, relating to Soviet propaganda.

William R. Philp Collection - The William Russell Philp collection consists of intelligence reports, interrogation reports, maps, and photographs relating to Adolf Hitler, the German military structure, national socialism, various aspects of German society during and immediately after World War II, various military campaigns of World War II (particularly preparation for the invasion of Normandy), denazification, and post-war reconstruction in Germany. Includes two photograph albums of Joachim von Ribbentrop's trip to Moscow in August 1939.

Leon Trotsky Collection, 1917-1995 - Writings and correspondence of the Russian revolutionary leader Leon Trotsky, including drafts of articles and books, correspondence with John G. Wright and other leaders of the Socialist Workers Party of the United States, and typed copies of correspondence with V. I. Lenin.

Thomas Sgovio Papers - Memoir relating to imprisonment in Soviet forced labor camps; photocopies of Soviet arrest records and summaries of judicial proceedings, and of United States Federal Bureau of Investigation reports on interviews after repatriation; and 44 original paintings and drawings depicting living and working conditions in Soviet forced labor camps.

Ukrainian Pictorial Collection - Photographs of various scenes from Ukraine, and especially of demonstrations for Ukrainian independence, and of Ukrainian government officials and governing bodies in session.

Hoover Library Materials

Grouped thematically and chronologically


Soviet Union - Industrialization/Propaganda: USSR in Construction (1930-1940, 1949) – Large-format illustrated monthly with large-scale photographs, many by noted Soviet photographers, each number devoted to one specific theme/project related to Soviet industrialization and economic development. Multiple boxes. Under a separate SearchWorks entry, you can also order some issues in French. This Russian-language publication, available at Green Library, contains reproductions of a (small) part of the visuals from numbers from each year.

Soviet Union - Terror/Fight Against “Enemies”: V. Molotov. Uroki vreditelʹstva, diversii i shpionazha i͡apono-nemet͡sko-trot͡skistskikh agentov (1937) -- English translation: Lessons of the Wrecking, Diversionist and Espionage Activities of the Japanese-German-Trotskyite Agents – Molotov’s report to the Party’s Central Committee on sabotage and terror committed by "enemies" of the Soviet Union. Russian brochure was printed in one million copies (excerpts from this report were also published in multiple Soviet newspapers and elsewhere)


Foreign Visitors to the Soviet Union: A Russian Journal (1948) -- by John Steinbeck, illustrated with photographs by John Capa. Account of the author's travels through the post-war Soviet Union.

Foreign Visitors to the Soviet Union: Thirty-Three Days in the Soviet Union (1959) -- by Gene Sosin, director of broadcast planning, Radio Liberty -- account of visit to the Soviet Union, including meetings with several notable representatives of Soviet culture. Cf. also the voluminous Gene Sosin Papers in the Hoover Archives.

Labor Unions: Red International of Labor Unions Monthly Magazine (1928-9, 1932-3) -- published in Russian, English, German, French by the R.I.L.U., or Profintern, an international association of Communist trade Unions set up by the Comintern. Throughout much of the 20th century, leftist labor and trade unions remained a key instrument and arena for the advance of socialist ideas and Soviet influence in capitalist countries.

International Anti-Communist Groups: International Entente Against the Third International. Monthly Documentation. (1931-37). Monthly publications and documentations by international anti-communist organization based in Switzerland with chapters in many European countries. Includes documents and analyses of current situation in Soviet Union and activities of the Comintern based on contemporary press reports, firsthand testimonies, etc.

The Peasant Question in International Perspective: Monthly Bulletin (1950-71) -- by the international Peasant Union, an international association set up by exiled East-European agrarianists. Shown were issues from 1954, with issue Jan-Feb. including a "Forum on Failure of Agriculture Under Communism." The "peasant question" was not only central for Communists in the Soviet Union, China, and other Socialist countries, but also remained one of the foremost questions in all discussions about the prospects and promises of the spread of socialism to other countries, esp. across the Third World.


Spanish Civil War: Spain: The Spanish War in Pictures: Latest Photos of Spain's Fight for Democracy (1936) -- Illustrated booklet documenting the early stages of the war and the fight of the Republicans, includes foreword by the Ambassador of the Spanish Republic to the United States.

Spanish Civil War: All the Brave (1939) -- Book with drawings of the Spanish Civil War by Luis Quintanilla, with text by Elliot Paul and Jay Allen and three brief prefaces by Ernest Hemingway from May through March and April 1938, just after he had left Spain.


Hungary:  History of Hungary from 1918 to 1945 pamphlet collection -- Contains 24 different pamphlets. Individual titles are listed in the searchable Pamphlet Collection Database.

Hungary:  History of Hungary pamphlet collection -- Contains 25 different pamphlets from 1907-1962. Individual titles are listed in the searchable Pamphlet Collection Database.

Hungary:  History of Hungary from 1945 to 1989 pamphlet collection -- Contains 10 different pamphlets from 1945-1957. Individual titles are listed in the searchable Pamphlet Collection Database.


Communist Propaganda in Austria: Révolution: Nouvelles éditions internationales (1945-1956) [NO SEARCHWORKS RECORD - TO REQUEST, ENTER TITLE, YEAR, AND CALL NUMBER: "Serial Austria" ] -- Communist propaganda monthly (since 1950: illustrated) portraying "life" in the Soviet Union and the socialist "People's Democracies" in Eastern Europe. In German.

Soviet Influence on Western Societies: Red Intrigue and Race Turmoil (1958) -- by Zygmunt Dobbs, publication by the Alliance, a New York-based organization with the mission to research "subversive [Communist] activities in schools, colleges, churches and government." Also available online (see SW record).

Communists in Western Europe: Révolution: Nouvelles éditions internationales (Jan. 1963-Nov. 1964) [NO SEARCHWORKS RECORD - TO REQUEST, ENTER TITLE, YEAR, AND CALL NUMBER: "Serial France" ] -- illustrated Communist/Stalinist monthly covering international politics and social issues. In French

Eurocommunism: Eurocommunism: The Italian Case (1978) -- Proceedings of a conference on the theme sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute and the Hoover Institution; just one example of many titles on the subject that appeared in the Western world.


Cuban Revolution: Proceso de la Crisis del Caribe (1966) -- Illustrated documentation of the  political and social events and conditions in Cuba from 1953 until the present (in Spanish).


Vietnam War: Vietnam (1960-84) -- Illustrated, English-language propaganda serial, published in Hanoi.


Soviet - Chinese Relations: Foreign relations between the Soviet Union and China pamphlet collection -- contains ten pamphlets from between 1950 and 1983. Individual titles are listed in the searchable Pamphlet Collection Database.

Communist China: China Pictorial (1951-1999) -- Large-format, richly illustrated Chinese propaganda serial in English language. Post-1999 issues available at Green Library (see SW record).

Communist China: People's China (1950-1957) -- Illustrated Chinese propaganda serial in English language covering Chinese domestic as well as international affairs. Also available online.

Communist China: Peking Review (1958-1978) -- Succeeded People's China (see above): Illustrated Chinese propaganda serial in English language on domestic and international affairs. Also available online.


Afghanistan:  Afghanistan politics and government pamphlet collection -- Contains one brochure with materials related to the "International Conference of Solidarity with Afghanistan," sponsored by the World Peace Council, Kabul, August 24-27, 1979.

Afghanistan:  Soviet occupation of Afghanistan pamphlet collection -- Contains three pamphlets/brochures brochures related to the war and its international implications, Brezhnev answering questions of Pravda correspondent (Jan. 1980); a Special Report by the Council for inter-American Security (spring 1980); and an Incidental Paper from the Central Asian Survey on a Soviet offensive in Panjshir (1984).

Afghanistan:  Afghanistan pamphlet collection -- Contains three brochures: Afghanistan by Afghan Tourist Organization (1977); Situation in Afghanistan as seen by Australian Communists (1980); Soviet artists depicting the "new life" in Afghanistan (1987)

Afghanistan: Afghan Realities (1981-82) -- serial documentation on the war in Afghanistan published in Paris by the Association for Information and Documentation on Afghanistan.


Nicaragua: Human Rights in Nicaragua 1986 (Feb. 1987) -- report issued by The Americas Watch Committee. Also available online (see SW record).

Nicaragua: Human Rights in Nicaragua: 1987 (Nov. 1987) -- report issued by the New York-based Lawyers Committee for Human Rights.

Nicaragua: Human Rights in Nicaragua under the Sandinistas: From Revolution to Repression (Dec. 1986) -- detailed report issued by U.S. Department of State.

Posters on Display

Poster GT 4 (1953/4, Guatemala) -- Depicts anti-Communist dragon formed by imperialists and other enemies of Communism.

Poster CU 125 (1970s-80s, Cuba) -- "El socialismo no necesita guerras ni carreras armamentistas" [Socialism Needs Neither Wars Nor Arms Races]. Poster from Cuba.

Poster CU 105 (1972?, Cuba) -- "August 18, the Day of Global Solidarity with the Struggle of the Afro-American People." Text in Spanish, English, French, and Arabic.

Poster RU/SU 1872: "See USSR" (1930s, USSR) -- Tourism: drawings of reindeer pulling sled with fur-clad driver against background of bright sun; Kremlin wall and towers with red flag; two camels led by man in Central Asian native dress; palm tree; Moslem prayer tower; text at top right and bottom.

Poster RU/SU 1713: "See USSR" (1930s, USSR) -- Tourism: drawing of various buildings representing differing regions of the Soviet Union on a sloping globe; farm buildings; clock tower building; Moslem buildings; locomotive in motion in foreground; text at top, middle and bottom.

Poster RU/SU 1969 (1949, USSR) -- "Amerikanskii obraz zhizni. Kazhdye 21 sekundu v SShA proiskhodit ser'eznye prestuplenie." [The American Way of Life. Every 21 Seconds, a Serious Crime Happens in the USA.]

Poster RU/SU 2242: (1982, USSR) -- "Ne dopustit'" [Do Not Let It Happen!], drawing of map of Europe; bombs being pointed over Europe with US dollar sign.

Poster RU/SU 2315.5 (1983, USSR) -- "Vneshniaia politika SShA" [The Foreign Policy of the USA]: Drawing of the American flag under which the shape of a bomb is visible.

Poster RU/SU 2315.19 (1983, USSR) -- Reproductions of four Soviet posters, by M.Tomaso, D. Dimitrov, K. Mandus, P.T.Fun. All on peace.

Poster RU/SU 2315.24 (1983, USSR) -- Reproductions of four Soviet posters, by a. Merkushev, T. Kraft, N. Sokolovskii, D. Sodoma related to the arms race, the Cold War, and peace.

Poster RU/SU 2321.9 (1986, USSR) -- "Griaznaia rabota TsRU v Afganistane" [The Dirty Work of the CIA in Afghanistan"] -- Drawing of an Afghan fighter, gun in hands, pushed by a gloved hand spilling dollars. Text on the right explains how CIA supports the war in Afganistan.

Some Other Useful Guides