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Introduction to the Collection

A major research topic at the Hoover Institution is terrorism. International and transnational terrorism, assassinations, and intelligence reports are covered in the collections. 

When searching for collections under this topic, use search terms such as "terrorism," "terrorist," and/or "anti-terrorism" - use quotation marks for hyphenated or multi-word searches. 

Featured Collections

CLAIRE STERLING PAPERS - US journalist and author on organized crime and terrorism

Alexander (Yonah) papers -  Writings, reports, studies, conference papers, serial issues, journal articles, bulletins, and newsletters relating to domestic and international terrorism, and to the counter-terrorist institutes at the Potomac Institution for Policy Studies, including the Inter-University Center for Policy Studies and the International Center for Terrorism Studies.

Genesis, rise and decline of terrorism in Italy conference papers -  Relates to the ideology of the Red Brigades and other terrorist groups in Italy in the 1970s and 1980s, their relationship to the political situation in Italy, and the tactics of terrorist and counter-terrorist operations in Italy. Conference co-sponsored by the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace and the Istituto Carlo Cattaneo.

Register of the Brian Crozier Papers, 1936-1993 - Writings, correspondence, memoranda, book reviews, and printed matter, relating to the Cold War and world politics since World War II, international communism, terrorism, espionage and insurgency movements, and the Institute for the Study of Conflict.

Yugoslav army is assisting Serbian terrorism video tape - Relates to the role of Yugoslav military forces in fighting between Serbs and Croats in Croatia in 1991. Includes a similar video program, entitled A Legacy of Genocide: The Serbian Death Squads. Both produced by Frank Kolarek Films and narrated by Martin Sheen.


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