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Introduction to the Collection

[FR 1326 / Winter sports in France. Pan American World Airways System.]

Our collections on sports range from the Olympics materials to photographs of sporting events. Delve into our collections to learn more about the history of sports, sporting activities in the military and more!

Featured Collections

Hayakawa (S. I.) papers -  Correspondence, speeches and writings, memoranda, reports, government documents, clippings, other printed matter, photographs, sound tape cassettes, videotape cassettes, and memorabilia relating to semantics and education, student radicalism, the Japanese American community, American politics, the Republican Party, and American foreign relations and domestic policy.

Mickelson (Sig) papers - Minutes of meetings, reports, memoranda, financial records, speeches and writings, correspondence, notes, interviews, conference papers, press releases, printed matter, and phonotapes, relating to broadcasting activities of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, including Olympics coverage study 1976.

Liebman (Marvin) papers - Correspondence, printed matter, press releases, campaign literature, reports, and photographs, relating to activities of American conservative and anti-communist organizations, including many involved with Asian and African affairs. Includes Olympics operation. 

Overview of the John Bunn collection - Manuals and memoranda, issued by various United States Army agencies, relating to the organization of athletic programs for American soldiers in Europe.

Ratliff (Patty) collection - Photographs, printed matter, and miscellany, depicting political, social, and economic conditions in the Soviet Union.

Percy Brown - A pro roller skater before becoming a photojournalist during WW I.

Berton W. Crandall photographs - Includes photo of Herbert Hoover and the Stanford football team.

Poster collection - Includes lots of different sports posters

Natale Bellantoni Papers - Includes photos of Navy Seabees swimming and playing baseball.

The Nippu Jiji Photo Archives on the Hoji Shinbun Digital Collection, contains a wealth of interesting photographic resources.


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