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Slavic 131/331 / Art His 447: Russia in Color (Winter 2022)

By: Simon Ertz


In this guide, you'll find information on how to access our collections related to the course's topic. 

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Select Collections

Class Visit on February 7, 2022: Photographic Prints in Serials and other Publications

Robert Cherny collection - Stereoscopic cards depicting scenes from the Russo-Japanese War and World War I.

Amerika: illustrirovannyi zhurnal - illustrated journal issued by U.S. Dept. of State, Office of International Information, then by U.S. Information Agency

USSR -- predecessor journal to Soviet Life, appeared 1956-1964 [not shown at class meeting, available at Hoover Library]

Soviet Life - illustrated journal, issued by Soviet Embassy in the U.S., appeared 1965-1991 (Hoover Library has 1965-1975), SAL3 has all issues from 1965-1991)

USSR in Construction, English edition (1930-1939; 1949). The Hoover Library also has individual issues from 1932-1934 and 1949 of the French edition, URSS en Construction. Additional issues of the English edition from 1934, 1937, and 1949 are also kept at SAL3 and would need to be ordered to the reading room of Stanford Special Collections (at Green Library).

Sovetskoe Kino -- illustrated journal, appeared 1925-1928. Hoover Library has numbers 1, 2, 4, 5/6 from 1927. A 2011 reprint of the volumes 1926-1928 is available at Stanford Special Collections.


Class Visit on February 14, 2022: Posters & Print

RU/SU 121 - Paintings, in circular frames, of Nicholas II, the Tsarevich Aleksei and the Empress Alexandra.

RU/SU 2510 (OS) - Hand painted picture of a large red dagger held by a hand piercing a large Nazi swastika insignia; Soviet red star on dagger; A. Hitler, German officers, and bandaged Axis leaders under the insignia. Similar to RU/SU 2512 (OS).

RU/SU 2541 (OS) - Caricature shows monster with Hitler's face being crushed by spears bearing British, American and Soviet flags. Poster consists of two parts.

RU/SU 1192A - Drawing of a large hand pointing to a opening in a framework with houses in the background; text at right side. Variant of RU/SU 1192; color varies.

RU/SU 2279.2 - Picture of workers with red flags, on which are slogans on love to USRR. Bottom half of RU/SU 2279.1.

RU/SU 1916A - Two paintings. Variant of RU/SU 1916.

RU/SU 2082 - Photo-like drawing of a woman-teacher and four boys with red scarves around their necks. They are all standing next to a globe, on which USSR stands out in bright red. Looking through the window, they see a town beyond a river.

RU/SU 1833 - Drawing of a man and woman farm worker standing on a pedestal holding up stalks of grain; red banner with hammer and sickle and star behind them; wreath out of red ribbon and fruits and vegetables encircling man and woman; hammer and sickle superimposed on globe encircled by wreath; text at bottom.

RU/SU 1842 - Painting of marching representatives of various ethnic nationalities of the Soviet Union in national costumes each holding a red banner with a greeting to Stalin in each national language; Lenin mausolem seen at left in background; airplanes flying overhead; text at bottom.

RU/SU 1606 - Caricature shows fat individual manipulating religious symbols as he ropes in an emaciated peasant.

RU/SU 1664 - Drawing of young boy in a pioneer uniform and young woman looking through book; text at top and bottom. 

RU/SU 2151 - Drawing of a red flag with Stalin's face on it. Below, a canal, with a ship and sailing boat on it, fragment of modern highway, planes in the sky.

RU/SU 2315.21 - Drawing of the globe held by a hand stylized into a dove. 

RU/SU 2317.28R - Yuri Gagarin wearing cosmonaut's helmet. 


Hoover Library Materials

Sovietland – English-language illustrated propaganda journal portraying life in the Soviet Union (cf. USSR in Construction, but slightly less artistic and slightly broader thematic coverage).

[Lubochnyi͡a narodnyi͡a kartinki] (1848-1860). – album with 110 unnumbered leaves of plates: illustrations (lithographs)

Lukomorʹe (1914-1917) – illustrated serial from WWI period [PLEASE NOTE: the link leads you to the catalog record for issues from 1916 that are available at SAL3. The Hoover Library has a continuous run of issues from 1914 to 1917. Please contact us if you want to look at them in our Reading Room.]

Chapbooks from the 1920s from the so-called Russian Mass Education Collection -- [PLEASE NOTE: the link leads you to the microfilm version. The printed Index of this collection, which lists every title, is available at the Lane Reading Room in Green Library. Please contact us if you want to take another look at them in our Reading Room.]

Ministerstvo Torgovli i Gornoi Promyshlennosti, Gornyi Departament. Obshhii obzor glavnykh otraslei gornoi i gorno-zavodskoi promyshlennosti (1915) – volume featuring diagrams, graphs, and several illustrated maps visualizing the development of the Russian mining and oil industry during the final decades of the Tsarist empire [PLEASE NOTE: this item has no catalog record on SearchWorks. Please contact us if you want to take another look at them in our Reading Room.]

Iudovskii, V.G. Atlas diagramm po ėkonomicheskim i politicheskim voprosam dli͡a shkol politgramoty i samoobrazova nii͡a (1925) – illustrated album featuring diagrams depicting data on recent historical, economic and political issues for use in political literacy schools and for self-study.

XV let Sovetskoi Vlasti (1932) – portfolio with separate sheets containing graphics and diagrams visualizing the (purported) achievements of the First Five Year Plan.

Na Stroike Vtoroi Piatiletki (1934) – album with graphics and diagrams visualizing the planned achievements of the Second Five Year Plan.

Piatiletku Vypolnim! (1966) – portfolio with separate sheets containing graphics and diagrams visualizing the planned achievements of the Ninth Five Year Plan.


Archival Materials

Vladimirov (Ivan A.) paintings - Depicts scenes of daily life during the Russian Revolution. High-quality digital copies of all paintings from this collection can be found here (enter keyword "Ivan Alekseevich Vladimirov," then select filter for "Ivan Alekseevich Vladimirov Paintings" under "Collection Title" on the left ).


Additional Archival Materials

Leonid Andreyev miscellaneous papers - Plays, poems, short stories, letters, and photographs relating to Russian literature and drama, and to conditions in Russia during World War I. Includes diary of Anna Andreeva, wife of Leonid Andreyev. In part, photocopy. Digital copies of select photographs are available here (enter keyword "Leonid Andreyev," then select filter for "Leonid Andreyev miscellaneous papers" under "Collection Title" on the left.