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PWR 2KR: Propaganda and Rhetoric (Autumn 2021)

Students enrolled in PWR 2KR: Propaganda and Rhetoric can use this guide to navigate the collections in the Hoover Institution Library & Archives.


The Hoover Institution’s propaganda collections are unrivalled in the world, beginning with its extensive poster collection and large holdings of Communist Party literature (Soviet, Chinese and other), through sound recordings and film footage (the Alexander and Ethel Pronin collection holds hundreds of reels of Soviet propaganda film), these collections allow researchers to study the techniques and perfection of propaganda from early and crude images through contemporary professional multimedia presentations.

Similarly, Hoover’s holdings on psychological warfare (the Bonner Fellers papers, World War II Psychological warfare reports typescript and Psychological Warfare Branch issuances) are excellent resources for studying the development of psychological operations during the Second World War, as are the RFE/RL Broadcast and Corporate records for the Cold War era.

Students in PWR 2K2: Propaganda and Rhetoric are welcome to explore our collections.

Slide deck from class presentation: (please sign with your Stanford email address)

Select Collections on Propaganda


AUSTRIAN RADIO SECTION PROPAGANDA: Allied propaganda broadcast from Italy to Austria

BONNER FELLERS PAPERS: Chief, US Psychological Warfare Branch in the South West Pacific

KLAUS KIRCHNER COLLECTION: World War II Soviet propaganda aimed at German troops

PAUL M.A. LINEBARGER PAPERS: Author, Psychological Warfare, 1948

PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE BRANCH ISSUANCES: Propaganda leaflets for the Pacific Theater in World War II

PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE BRANCH LEAFLETS: Propaganda aimed at North Korean and Chinese soldiers during the Korean War

PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE DIVISION PROPAGANDA: US government organization for dissemination of propaganda during World War II

RFE/RL BROADCAST RECORDS: US radio broadcasting organization