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Introduction to the Collection

Our music collections vary from sheet music to sound recordings. The collections focus on war, revolution, and peace. Listen to recorded music performances in our digital collections.

Featured Collections

Chants de la revolution cubaine : sound recording - Recordings of post-1959 revolutionary Cuban songs.

HERBERT ROMERSTEIN COLLECTION - US government employee and anticommunist author. In this collection, there are song books and music issued by the Communist Party, USA, and associated groups. 

La Picirella (Joseph) sound recording - Song relating to the French resistance movement during World War II. Words and music by J. La Picirella. Sung by Michel Sande.

Liberation sound recording - South African black nationalist songs. Produced by the South African Freedom Committee, New York.

Overview of the American songs of peace sound recording - American songs relating to peace, 1767-1940, sung by John Swingle.

Overview of the George M. Cohan sound recording: Over there - World War I American patriotic song, sung by Enrico Caruso.