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HIST 202G/302G: Peoples, Armies, and Governments of the Second World War (Spring 2023)

By: Simon Ertz


Dear Students: In this guide, you will find information on how to access materials from our archival and library collections that are related to the themes of your course.

Under the tab "Sources Shown During Class Visit" on the left, you can find the titles of as well as links to the records of all items that you saw during the visit.

To request library and archival items, you need to create an "Aeon" account first. Please see the tab "Accessing Collections" on the left to learn how to do this.

Once you have created an Aeon account and are ready to plan a visit, please fill out this form to reserve a seat in the reading room.

If you have any questions about your research and using our collections, please don't hesitate to contact us!

General Subject Guides to Our Materials on World War II

Besides using SearchWorks and OAC to discover materials, you can refer to our general Subject Guide on World War II. This guide is currently being developed. At the moment, it highlights a few select collections that may be of particular interest.

Note that it also includes a link to a 200+ pp. Word Document--a compilation of brief descriptions of all our WWII-related archival collections as of 2017. This document offers you an alternative way of browsing our many collections to see which of them may be relevant for you.