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The Hoover Institution Library Collection

By: Simon Ertz

Online Resources - Catalog, Registration, Digital Collections

SearchWorks: Catalog of library material

(search for and request library items to view)

Aeon: Reservation and request management

(register for an account if you are new)

OAC: Guides to archival collections

(search for and request archival items to view)

Digital Collections: Digitized materials

(search for digitized materials from our collection)

How to Use Collection Materials in Person

To visit the Hoover Institution Library & Archives and use materials from our collections, you need to:

  1. Create an Aeon Account,
  2. Request the collection materials you would like to use, and
  3. Make a reservation for a visit to our Reading Room.

The following brief videos show you how to set up an Aeon account (step 1):

... and how to request materials and reserve a seat in the Reading Room (steps 2 and 3):

Finally, prior to your visit, please also review the following, brief instructional video on how to handle archival materials in the Reading Room.