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Art Hist 250A: Prints, Propaganda, Protest (Autumn 2021)

Students enrolled in ArtHist 250A can use this course guide for their research!


Welcome! Students in Art History 240A are welcome to explore our collections featured in your class visit!

Below are the list of posters shown in the class. To view these posters in person, be sure to sign up for an aeon account and reserve a seat and request the items in advance. You can learn more about this process on the left tab under "Accessing Collections."

Select Collections for this Course

Posters from France

FR 441 - Drawing of an Algerian horseman. Text urges Frenchmen to subscribe to the liberation loan.

FR 498 - Drawing of colonial troops in battle.


Posters from China

CC 27 - A portrait of Mao Tse-tung.

CC 279 - A worker, a soldier, and a woman farmer.


Posters from Cuba

*CU 54 - Abstract painting of a soldier calling, "A las armas!" Rubber-stamp impression: Pasadena Art Institute, 46 North Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena 1, California.

CU 111 - Cuba solidaridad ... La humanidad debe perdurar, y si nos lo proponemos y somos conscientes, y somos valientes, perdurara. - Fidel Castro, 15 de septiembre de 1981. ... [text repeated in English, French and Arabic (?)]. OSPAAAL.


Posters from Germany, Japan, International Groups, and Nicaragua

GE 813 - Drawing of a hand with its five fingers about to grab "the enemy."

GE 1760 - Drawing of a sad family. Vote Hitler to improve their fate.

INT 503 - International Youth Meeting in Solidarity with Revolutionary Afghanistan, Kabul, 27 - 28 September 1980.

JA 37A - A map with illustrations of various nations. Text in English, Japanese and Chinese. Variant of JA 37.

NQ 87 - Graphic design of a circle of rifles, with a hand making a "V" symbol in the center; also a map of Nicaragua.


Posters from Russia/Soviet Union

*RU/SU 801 - Worker and peasant stand in foreground, crowds of jubilant workers and peasants march in background, sun rises over booming factories.

*RU/SU 1262 - Poster depicts worker holding up sign urging workers to vote for the Bolsheviks.

*RU/SU 1280 - Painting of a blacksmith at work being assisted by a woman worker; workers in the background working on a train; factories and plants at work; Red Army soldier's cap, hammer and sickle, stack of rifles, in the foreground.

RU/SU 1318 - Poster depicts map of famine stricken area. Text urges confiscation of church property for the benefit of the hungry.

*RU/SU 2202 - Drawing of a German soldier hairy as a beast, on a crutch, a drum with "Blitzkrieg" ripped off his shoulder, "total mobilization" flag torn.

RU/SU 2205 - Drawing of young soldiers attacking with bayonets beasts under a plane with a swastka on it. Behind the attackers, more multi-racial angry young men.

RU/SU 2317 - Cover for a series of posters. Right: reproduction of a poster representing a young couple under a red flag. Centre: a couple of astronauts around the globe.


Posters from the United Kingdom and United States

UK 191 - Painting of father in an armchair with his daughter on his lap; his son plays with toy soldiers on the floor.

*UK 199 - Certificate with picture of King George V and crossed flags.

*US 105 - Large Red Cross symbol with text.

US 2077 - Drawing of a cat attacking a group of tanks.

US 2485 - Painting of dog with Red Cross emblem on back and with a neck pouch. Flaming city in background. Variant of US 2485.

US 2752 - Painting of woman with kerchief on her head and work clothes with shell for gun. Along the side of the poster the hats of various branches of women's service are lined up and identified.

US 8089 - Drawing of an angry group of protestors, and a caricature of the Shah in a vehicle of some type heading toward the White House.

*US 8109 - Drawing of a black panther.