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MLA 102: The Long Nineteenth Century (Autumn 2021)

Students enrolled in MLA 102 can use this guide to navigate the collections in the Hoover Institution Library & Archives.


Welcome! Students in MLA102 are welcome to explore our collections!

This guide will list the items shown in your class visit!

Select Collections for this Course


World War I / Versailles posters

AU 281: map of new Europe with advertising

GE 989: Hitler campaign poster

UK 195: The Empire Needs Men

UK 233: Is Your Home Here?

UK 524: Irishmen, Avenge the Lusitania

US 1991: Spear poster of Lusitania mother and child

FR 154: poster of Lusitania

US 3392: If Ye Break Faith


Lusitania materials:

Bailey and Ryan collection: Correspondence, notes, photocopies of government documents, printed matter, and photographs, relating to the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915, and to the undeclared American-German naval war, 1939-1941. Collected by T. A. Bailey and Paul B. Ryan. Includes some papers of T. A. Bailey, relating especially to the Marshall Plan.

Lindon Bates boxes 1 and 2Memorial volume, Commission for Relief in Belgium issuances, and printed matter, relating to Lindon Bates, Jr., Commission for Relief in Belgium worker, who died in the sinking of the ocean liner Lusitania by a German submarine in 1915. Includes telegrams by Herbert Hoover.


Additional items and Papers:

Alan Nichols letter and photographs - Correspondence, military documents, clippings, and photographs, relating to American volunteer ambulance drivers in France, and to American volunteer aviators in the French army, during World War I. 

Virginia Woolf letter from James Burnham collection - Correspondence, speeches and writings, notes, memoranda, and printed matter, relating to communism in the United States and abroad, the Congress for Cultural Freedom and other anti-communist movements in the United States and abroad, political conditions in the United States and the world, and conservative political thought.  (box 7, folder 47)

Willian Losh album with pictures of ambulance driversDiaries, correspondence, photographs, memorabilia, and printed matter, relating to the American Ambulance Service in France and Albania during World War I

Hillhouse album - Depicts activities of the American Expeditionary Forces in France during World War I. 

E.O. Pritchard flag (Box 1) - American flag hoisted by E. O. Pritchard over Canadian trenches in France on 9 April 1917 upon receipt of news of American entry into World War I; photographs of Pritchard; and letter written by him regarding trench warfare in France.

Paris Peace conference collection on Armenia and Syria - Memoranda, notes, and reports relating to political and economic conditions in the Ottoman Empire and Latin America, proposals for new boundaries in Asia Minor, creation of an independent Armenia, and boundary disputes in South America.

Percy Brown collection: POW soldiers in drag (Box 3) - The Percy Brown papers consist of writings, newspaper articles, and photographs relating to Percy Brown, a photojournalist and author who photographed scenes of World War I from the front lines on the Western front. Also included is information on the Ruhleben prison camp in Germany where Brown was a prisoner of war for three years, and first-hand accounts of the rescue of the icebound Soviet ship Solovei in 1920.

Pike artwork - Relates to the Gallipoli campaign of 1915 in World War I. 

Prüfer (Curt Max) papers - Diaries, memoirs, report, and clippings relating to German military liaison with Turkish military operations during World War I, German foreign policy during the interwar period (especially in Ethiopia), and German foreign policy during World War II (especially in Brazil).

Stereoscopes: Hanson collection -  Stereoscope, cica 130 stereographs, and guidebook depicting scenes from World War I.

Raemakers (Box 21) - Cartoons, sketches, paintings, correspondence, clippings, newspaper issues, and photographs, relating primarily to World War I. Includes anti-German World War I cartoons, and cartoons relating to interwar world politics.

Sheet music: Your Lips are No Man’s Land But Mine - 
Books, booklets, correspondence, drawings, flyers, forms, leaflets, maps, memorabilia, newspapers and clippings, pamphlets, press releases, sheet music, and other printed matter and ephemera relating to military operations and home front conditions, particularly in Germany and the United States, during World War I.

Wipers Times: Ryerson collection - 
Pamphlets, newspaper and magazine issues, and other printed matter, illustrating World War I humor through cartoons and caricatures.


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