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ILAC 332 Transatlantic Methodologies (Autumn 2021)


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Select Collections for this Course on the Spanish Civil War

BURNETT BOLLOTEN PAPERS: US journalist and historian; United Press war correspondent in Spain, 1936–38

JAVIER BENEDET PAPERS: Secretary, Acción Demócrata Española, San Francisco, California

  • Box 2 - Minutes of meetings 1942-1945 & Correspondence, financial records, and reports 1939-1976

  • Box 32 - map_case case - Posters 1937-1943: Contains five posters relating to the Spanish Civil War and a solidarity campaign in Mexico on behalf of Spanish refugees

JOAQUÍN MAURÍN PAPERS: Spanish socialist, journalist, and author

  • Box 3 - Burgos, Carmen de 1931

  • Box 11-13

MARIA ANGELS SOLÉ COLLECTION: Serial issues, pamphlets, leaflets, flyers, internal bulletins, and conference proceedings, issued by Spanish socialist, communist, anarchist, Trotskyist, Maoist and trade-union organizations, and by Catalan and Basque nationalist organizations, relating to conditions in Spain under the regime of Generalissimo Francisco Franco, to prospects for its downfall, and to conditions in the immediate post-Franco period. Most issuances were published or distributed clandestinely.

JOHN DAVIS LODGE PAPERS: US ambassador to Spain, 1955–61

[In addition, you can type "Spanish Civil War" in quotes in the Online Archive of California to find other papers and sources on this topic across different collections]